Friday, July 27, 2007

Python and Data Structures

I've been really lucky finding exact matches for some of my wishes recently. For instance I decided to start working in a methodical manner to keep my CS skills strong and up to date. I've always had little fun learning projects going but I want to be more organized and consistent about it.

As a first project I was thinking of taking the Weiss algorithms and data structures in C book and do it all in python. It turns out that (a) it's really hard to write good library code from scratch. And I didn't want to spend my limited time doing that and not learning much matierial. (b) I'd rather learn from someone who knows what they are doing (e.g. well thought out pythonic code instead of my sad ports of C to python code).

The solution was: Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python. It is so exactly what I was looking for that it's scary.

Any way if you are interested in learning or relearning OO design ideas and/or algo/data structures and you want to use python (or ruby, c#, etc) you could do a lot worse than this (family of) book(s).

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