Wednesday, July 23, 2008

100 Pushups

When I came across this link for doing 100 pushups I just sorted of laughed and thought to myself, "yah right". But the idea got under my skin and so as of a couple days ago I finished week 4.

100 seems like a magical number and impossibly far away. Even at the 4 week mark I'm only up to 40 (ok, 39 and 1/2).

But there *is* something magical about this goal to me. Surely if I can use discipline and hard work to get this goal then I've learned something important about what I *thought* were my limits. If I can reach this far past what I thought was feasible then where else have I unnecessarily limited myself?

Of course if I fail then I've just confirmed that I suck. :)

I'm guessing I'll (at the very least) need to repeat the last couple of a weeks at least once. But, I think I can do this....

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