Thursday, March 19, 2009

100 Pushups: "week 6" milestone - 70

Holy crap. I finally got to 70. So the adventure continues on the hilariously optimistic "6 week" program to do 100 pushups.

The big question now is whether I can get to 100 before a year has elapsed. I think there is a chance. But honestly I'll just be happy to get there. And to think I was going to skip tonight since I felt a little under the weather.


Anonymous said...

Go Dustbunny!

dustbunny said...

heh. you know it's funny. this whole exercise has left me simultaneously amazed and disgusted with myself. i'm amazed that i can do 70 pushups. holy crap! and i'm disgusted that it has taken 8/9 months just to get this far.

i started at about 30 which means i've added about 5 a month or about 1 a week. there's got to be an easier way....

but in any case, thanks for the anonymous support.