Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday - My mission to get to 100 pushups is now one year old!

So after a year of the 100 pushup plan, where am I? 75.

Now if you are familiar with the 6 weeks to 100 pushup plan you might detect a slight disconnect between the plan and my success. Just an eentsy bit off...

On the one hand: holy crap I can do 75 pushups. And also: wow, look at the determination and will power.

On the other hand: what is wrong with me? Why can't I finish this sucker? And: why am I wasting my time, focus on this?

So there you go. I'm part super man and part loser. I knew that before I started.

OK. If I haven't gotten to 100 before another year passes I seriously have to reevaluate this whole thing.

(Any tips from the pros out there how to get the last 25?)

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