Friday, February 26, 2010

One Language a Year: Haskell - update 2

Not much to report, except that I am still trucking along through Real World Haskell (currently chapter 7). This is much better than last year (the year of smalltalk) where I was already having lots of trouble with motivation by this point.

I've been thinking alot about what the chances are that haskell will become one of my daily use power tools like python is. Or what the chances are that haskell will "take off" like a python.

I've already (mostly) gotten over one of my haskell phobias: dealing with "do" blocks. When I only had a passing understanding, I always got confused with "<-" and "lets" and "return"s in do blocks (and nested do blocks) and the rules seemed rather arbitrary, etc. Of course I'm no expert now, but at least I don't look at them as magical things. They have a precise use and logic and now I (mostly) get them.

A couple things from python I miss in haskell: list access syntax (e.g. x[2:]), default args/kwargs, etc. Both of these haven't really hurt me yet but just the thought that I don't have them available makes me sad.

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