Saturday, September 27, 2008

100 Pushups: week 5 (finished)

You'd think I had finished the whole stinking program, but I'm feeling pretty good about finishing week 5 after numerous iterations. I checked my records and I've been doing week 5 since the middle of July.

But I did finish it. So, I may suck, but I don't suck as much as people who *haven't* finished week 5 ever. :)

Any way, on to week 6 now. (For who knows how long).


Anonymous said...

hey..Im doing 100 as well and week 5 is a killer. On my 4th retry. are you able to do the 40+ last set without stopping? Or do you pause during it?

dustbunny said...

Getting so I could do the last rep straight through was the hard part. I was actually sick for a week and then had a week vacation during which I slacked. That actually erased a lot of my progress. But as of this weekend when I finished, on the last day I did 48 straight though, which is definitely a personal first.

I'm really curious how many people actually do this program in 6 weeks the first time though.

It may be taking longer than expected, but it *does* seem to be working...