Sunday, September 7, 2008

100 Pushups: week 5

I have vowed to get to one hundred pushups. And I *will* keep at it well past the point where a sane person would just cut their loss. But in case any one is wondering, I've been on week 5 for about 6 weeks now.


True, there was a week off because I was sick and another following that for a week vacation. And yes, I did lose a lot of progress during those two weeks. But man, this is a non-trivial challenge.

I really have to wonder how many people have followed this (and exclusively this) plan to victory.

Any way, as long as each time I go through week 5 I get a little better then I don't feel *too* bad about being relentless. It's when I plateau that I have to start wondering about my sanity.

For what it's worth I can currently do a max of 40 pushups in one set. 100 stills seems absurdly far off.

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