Friday, November 21, 2008

100 Pushups: week 6 (8th try)

It just occurred to me that I've been doing this crazy 100 pushups thing since at least July. I'm still humorously far from my goal, but damn if I'm still making some progress. For instance this week after doing my various reps (150+ pushups in 20+ increments) I was able to get to 53 which is a new record for me.

But nevertheless it is still pretty funny that I've been doing the 6th week of a 6 week program for 8 weeks now. And it *only* took me 6 weeks or so to finish week 5. But I did finish.

The idea of doing 100 pushups seemed sort of comical to me when I started this bad boy, but now it's my mission. I just hope I finish this decade sometime.

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