Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

I've just started this book and while I think that I will get lots of interesting things out of it, it has already set off some alarm bells with me. The same alarm bell that goes off when I hear someone quote the "fact" that we only use 10% of out brains (well, maybe that's true for you...).

In any case the author seems to stick pretty close to the Betty (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) Edwards L/R distinction which I've grown skeptical of over the years. That was a low buzz no real alarm, just be wary.

But next came a reference to the"Unskilled and Unaware" paper. I've always thought that result sounded pretty reasonable, but today I came across this.

Hopefully the book doesn't continue to be full of too many debunked/sketchy studies.

I actually expect I will like the book and recommend it, but I just wish you could get a clear, unambiguous picture of state of the art learning/creativity techniques with minimal "woo".

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