Saturday, November 1, 2008

real age

I had set a goal to get to a certain weight (210) and then get a physical and blood profile (cholesterol, etc). As it happens I received my results just as it was my 40th birthday.

One of my objectives of getting the blood profile was so I could complete the realage survey in excruciating detail. So I finally filled it in today and was pretty pleased with my results.

physical age = 40
"real age" = 27.9

Of course that is an absurdly precise number, but I'm still proud of my result. And my wife was part jealous and part suspicious. So she went over all my answers with me and helped me adjust them to less fantasy based answers. And my score went from 26.7 to 27.9.

Now we are in serious competition mode. She will be getting a blood profile done later this week.

Any way, I have the body of a 27.9 year old. I can do 50 pushups (and working towards 100). Things could be worse.

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